Interview Preparation

Interview preparation

When you are invited for an interview, prepare well before it! Learn more about the company, its status, employees, interviewers… Any information will be useful. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Google… But be aware when reading through online forums. They can give you some guidance but only if you read well between the lines! There, most likely you will not find postings by successful, valued by the company and satisfied employees who are usually occupied by duties different then posting inline comments. Before leaving for the interview read once again the CV you have submitted in order to think over your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for any questions that you may be asked. Prepare in advance with the answer to some of them:

1. Why did you apply for this vacancy?

2. What do you know about the role, our company, the competition?

3. What will you bring to our company if we hire you?

4. Why did you leave you previous job?

5. What were your exact duties in your previous role?

6. What are your strengths / weaknesses?

7. What did you achieve during this period? What are you proud of? What is that you do not like?

8. If you state that you possess a certain quality – give an example of a situation where you have shown it?

9. What is your expected salary?

10. What do you expect to achieve in this role? In what time frame?

11. Do you have any questions for us?

It is important to think of and be prepared with examples from your record so far that demonstrate your qualities – difficult situations, specific tasks, your actions, the result from them! It is a must to prepare appropriate questions towards the opposite side. If you choose them well they will show your interest in the position as well as further demonstrate the depths of your knowledge and interests in the specific field. When it is time for the interview itself dress appropriately for it. Your appearance is the first thing the opposite side will note! You don’t need to be too formal but the opposite will be worse. Plan your time well and leave early in order to get there on time. “On time” means 5-10 minutes before the appointment! It is better for you to wait rather than be waited for. If you still notice that you are going to be late call as soon as you realize it (at least 10 minutes before the appointment!) and warn the other side.

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