Payroll services by Bulcon Group provide you with an effective alternative for organizing and managing all processes of administration and payment between you and your employees in full compliance with the Bulgarian labor, insurance and tax legislation. Bulcon Group can offer you a complete payroll administration of your staff – calculation and payment of wages and related accruals, deductions, benefits, insurance, taxes, managed by highly qualified professionals with experience in the area. Taking an advantage of this service will facilitate your duties it will also reduce your costs for recruiting highly qualified personnel it will eliminate the need to purchase specialized software and will allow you to target your efforts on developing your business.

The service that provides Bulcon Group guarantees a high standard, quality and confidentiality of the salaries of your employees. You can count on a highly qualified team of experts, effective organization and appropriate software, adjusted to your needs. We have continuous access to the National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and other state institutions.

Payroll services Bulcon Group provides are personalized to the needs of each client and may include:

1. Document handling and staff administration

2. Payroll for employees based on the labor contract and contract management and control

3. Processing of bills paid by civil contracts

4. Additional services and consultations

  • 4.1. Verification of existing documents.
  • 4.2. Preparation of standard internal rules.
  • 4.3. Development of standard company forms.
  • 4.4. Making of additional reference inquiries.
  • 4.5. Other.

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