The quality of the human resources a company possesses is crucial for its productivity, competitiveness and overall prospects for future development. Everything looks easy if the company has the necessary budget to attract the best employees within the industry, to provide the necessary salaries and additional incentives in order to motivate and retain them in the long-term. But even in such case, Bulcon Group’s advice to any employer would be to further invest in the training and development of its employees. Periodic trainings directly impact productivity and quality of work, which in turn leads to rapid return on the funds invested in the training itself. They are also an important motivating factor for the retention of highly-qualified employees who are always on the look for professional growth, development and additional knowledge in general.

Having said that Bulcon Group can offer its clients training services in several key areas that could make you more successful:

1. Time management

2. Conflicts and skills to solve them

3. Team roles and teamwork

4. Stress management at the workplace

5. Successful business communication

Bulcon Group’s trainings are conducted at a location convenient for the client by a highly qualified team led by Mrs. Sonya Dimitrova who is a professional possessing many years of experience as well as a Certificate for working with small groups from the Institute of Psychology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. They include the use of evaluation questionnaires who study the relationships between certain personality characteristics, sources of stress, job satisfaction, communication styles, sociability, persuasiveness, tolerance.

The trainings are practically oriented with the use of different forms depending on the needs and preferences of the client: lectures, discussions, case studies, role plays, tests. The specific length and subject matter are also directly linked to client needs and are agreed in advance.

What are the training benefits for the client: the employees who pass the training enhance their knowledge and skills, form successful teams, improve external and internal communication within the company, develop conflict solving skills. All this leads to high return on investment and long lasting effect which goes far beyond the short and medium-turn financial benefits.

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